The Prohibition Of Marijuana And The United States

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Cannabis began being outlawed all across the U.S. during the 1900’s and has remained illegal ever since, until recent years when states began legalizing it ( Although many people believe that the reason behind the prohibition of cannabis was based on genuine concern for the possible consequences it may have on the well-being of people if it remained accessible to all, the truth is that the drive behind the U.S.’s prohibition of cannabis was founded on racism. During the early 1900’s cannabis was considered an “ethnic drug” due to the fact that many Mexican immigrants smoked the plant ( With the tension in Western states regarding the migration of Mexicans into the states, laws concerning the use regulation of cannabis were soon passed ( This essay seeks to shed light on the actual reasons behind the prohibition of marijuana and the racial prejudice that has followed it from the years it was outlawed to today. By better understanding the reasons behind the prohibition of marijuana, one can gain a better understanding on the benefits and consequences of legalizing marijuana and determine how it would affect us socially and economically. The war on drugs has been a failure to protect us due to the constant racial prejudice that it has caused over the years, maintaining the prohibition may be more harmful to our society than people may think.

During the early 1900’s there was a significant influx of immigrants coming from Mexico and…
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