The Prohibition Of Marijuana Should Be Banned

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The consumption of alcohol was prohibited in the United States during the years 1920 through 1933. Prohibition was mandated under the 18th amendment of the Constitution, enabling legislation to enforce the ban and state which types of alcoholic beverages were permissible. The amendment was later repealed by the 21st amendment in 1933, which once again legalized the consumption and distribution of alcohol. There were many reasons as to why the prohibition of alcohol failed, ranging from high instances of corruption to increased amount of organized crime. These common instances took away personal liberties of many people which caused major problems in the country and these particular problems can be seen arising again with the topic of the prohibition of Marijuana. Marijuana or Cannabis is a plant that is cultivated in large quantities and is either consumed, smoked, or inhaled to create a certain kind of altered mental and physical effect, which is referred to as a high. Though Marijuana may be considered a dangerous substance to most, it should be legalized because the economic, social, and political standpoints outweigh the negatives and is not as harmful to the United States as perceived. Throughout history, Marijuana was legal but frowned upon up until the late 1920’s where bills and laws against it were first started getting drafted. Since the establishment of the Jamestown colony in 1607, Marijuana has played a big part in the economy since the enactment of the first

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