The Project 2 Assessment Practice

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The Project 2 Assessment allowed me to see some personality traits that I hold (Project 2 Assessment, 2017). I found that I am an agreeable and open to experience personality. I will take opportunities to have power over a group setting. Although, at times I will agree with others opinions. I am an extremely motivated person that likes to get a head start on work. This comes from the fact that I am good with problem solving situations. It is always great to have the challenge of coming up with a solution to an issue. Another positive trait is my communication skills. I did find out that I am not exactly ready to become a leader. I still have maturing to do in my career to reach that point. When that time comes, I could see myself reaching…show more content…
Part 1: What about Me? After taking the Project 2 assessment, I found that I have an agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience personality (Project 2 Assessment, 2017). At times, I can sympathize with people’s feelings. Usually, I can have a better understanding of why someone is thinking a way if I understand what they think. I am completely a conscientiousness person. I always want to do well with any task that is in from of me. Also, I am always thinking and planning things to do. I tend to value power of control over others (Project 2 Assessment, 2017). I would agree with these results based on the fact that I do like to give my opinion. This results from thinking my opinion is the correct option. I determined that I have achievement driven values. I believe I am extremely hard working. At times, I feel like I can become too hard working, to the point of completely draining myself. Other categories that I determined that I valued was self-direction, benevolence, tradition, conformity, and security. I do not value stimulation that much. I am the opposite of being a daring individual. I do like trying new things and going new places, but not putting myself at risk. I would never risk my life to seek adventure. To me that would be completely crazy. After taking the project 2 assessment, I have determined that I am a very motivated person (Project 2 Assessment, 2017). I am a proactive individual in my life. I do
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