The Project Goal And Project Related Stakeholders Influence

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the project goal and project related stakeholders influence the positive project outcome performance. Further, their study also show that a good leadership is important to assign the appropriate project task between the team member and reduce the misunderstanding between them. Conflict Resolution Misunderstanding between the various stakeholders of the project potentially bring the conflict in the project team members. Conflict resolution is one of the most important skill of a project manager because conflict is an invisible factor in the project and chance of occurrence is always high (Gupta, Kerrick, 2014). In today’s world, project environment is changing day by day and this volatile environment require a good project manager who can…show more content…
A primary example is project manager working in a IT arena. In this field, every team member want their project manager to be a good technical expertise because of the nature of the job. According to Bauer, Richardson, and Morison (2014) project manager should always have enough amount of knowledge and skill to handle their job. This skill of the project manager is particularly required in the technical project where most of the project are highly technical and engineering principles as well as different scientific application are used. Various technical skills increase the ability of project manager to manage and understand the complex issues during the project life cycle (p.11). According to the research done by Mason (p.12), technical expertise is directly related to the success of the project and they commonly reflect the technical capacity of the project manager. Planning In every project a good planning should be done to meet the project requirement. The success of the project is measure by various component like completion time, budget and the target performance base on the initial plan of the project. Therefor planning skill of a project manager is important for every project to accomplish all the project goal successfully on time with the target budget Ermias, Tekalign, Eshetie, and Birhanu (2017). Project
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