The Project Is Fine Tuning Work Done From Previous Course Work?

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Introduction: The introduction section is designed to provide background on the research problem. Further, it provides insight for the reader as to why this problem is significant, and what the researcher’s perspectives are on the problem (Maryville University, 2012). It is in this section that the research question is clearly presented for the audience. The timeframe to complete the introduction for the capstone project has initially been outlined as seven days. The purpose for such a short duration is secondary to previous course work that has helped to narrow the topic to a reasonable research question. Further refinement may be necessary, but the question should be very close to final. Essentially all that will be left in the…show more content…
Also, the review should capture what is known about the topic. Literature review helps the reader to connect the dots between what is known, and how this project can lead to new knowledge in the area of study. There are numerous ways for a literature review to be completed. For example, chronologically, topically, or by articles that agree and disagree with the topic. Layout of the literature review is up to the author. Again, a decent start for literature review is underway. The articles that are under review from previous course work will more than likely need to be refined as more skill is developed in the art of literature review, but the work is started. The completed reviews also bring refinement in further research as new knowledge is developed with each article reviewed. Not to mention the articles that are reviewed and rejected. Even though they are ultimately rejected, there is always knowledge gained by their evaluation. There are 15 more articles to be researched and analyzed for their inclusion in the capstone project. As mentioned earlier these articles will help to shed light on the identified problem, and begin to lead the way for how knowledge gained in these evidence-based studies can help pave the way for new knowledge required to complete the capstone project. 21 days have been allotted to this aspect of the project. It takes considerable time to find quality studies, analyze, and synthesize the content, and then summarize this
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