The Project Management Methodologies

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Abstract The paper examines project management methodology for development and deployment of a software information system. It investigates several project management methodologies such as Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. The paper incorporates a project management plan, which includes critical path analysis and work breakdown structuring. Critical analysis, for instance, methodically partitions large tasks into action points and deliverables, and identifies contingencies for completion. The study also addresses risks that can thwart project completion. Introduction This study elicits examination of project management methodologies, to be addressed by the Information Systems division of a large construction company and consultancy, heretofore referred to as Constructive, its figurative name. Constructive's chief information officer and other executive team members, all of whom work at corporate headquarters, requested that the Business Intelligence department of its Information Systems division streamline and interconnect client, contractor, vendor, and internal enterprise data through a software information management system (IMS). This request entails IMS accessibility by Constructive's corporate divisions: Construction, Operations Management, Design & Engineering, [Procurement, Logistics, & Purchasing], [Quality Assurance: Material Science, Structural Integrity], Business Development & Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Environmental
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