The Project Management Methodology For A Stage Boundary Process

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1. Introduction In this report we will discuss the project management methodology Prince2. This report will include what Prince2 is and its elements, the purpose and characteristics of Prince 2 and also the quality theme and the managing a stage boundary process will be discussed and how they are used to address key project management issues. 2. Prince2 Prince2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments (, n.d.). It is a process-based approach and a structured project management method that allows projects to be managed “in a logical and organised way, following defined steps” (, n.d.). Prince2 is a widely recognized project management methodology which is used by public and private sectors that it has become the de-facto standard for project management in the UK (, n.d). Furthermore due to it being widely recognized and extensively used in the UK, it is also established internationally. (, n.d). Prince2 methodology is in the public domain and is a best practise solution therefore, it is available to be used by the public, and is accepted and adaptable in many areas of business and industry. Prince2 is a framework that allows project managers to “deliver projects on time and within budget” (Haughey, 2015). A project is divided into stage where there is an organised and controlled start, middle and end. All Prince2 projects must have a business case and a plan that is reviewed on a regular basis to check that the project
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