The Project Of Cathedral Hill Hospital With Lean Culture

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Figure 11. The Project of Cathedral Hill Hospital with Lean Culture Other Lean techniques that the researcher obtained through analyzing collected data are “customer-supplier” standpoints and the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) approach. Fundamentally projects utilized Lean principles will pay more attention on the demands of customers to supply exactly what they need and require; therefore, this technique significantly reduce needlessly waste of the project. Likewise, PDSA is mentioned in the continuous improvement of the project life cycle with the following definitions of each factor: Plan: Adjustments or innovations in consideration of achieving the project improvement. Do: Execution of necessary changes and modifications. Study: Outcomes of the changes. What are needed to improve? What are required to eliminate? Act: Acceptances or declines of changes. Owner participation in LIB. The responsibility of owners unquestionably affects the project performance and objectives, particularly in LIB-cooperating ones as a result of IPD and Lean characteristics that need to be decided as the beginning of the project. One of the owner’s ability is to notice the expecting changes in design and construction phases as well as the life-cycle and services. In reality, the early participation and well-timed decisions of the owner obviously reduce a considerable amount of time during the whole planning, designing, and constructing processes. As reported by project team members from
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