The Project Overview And Its Requirement

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The project overview and its requirement eTip is a start-up based business with a focus on helping individuals and organisations raise funds through donation. It was launched in 2014 with the original idea is for sport fans can tip favourite sport players for their well performances through the application that available in PC, Android and iOS devices. The purpose of the application is to bring the sport fans closer to their sport stars and clubs while they can send the donations and messages. In additional, the donated money doesn’t go to the player account but go to the sport clubs’ account for their activities such as raising their charitable foundation, developing young player talent program, and supporting for the injured players.…show more content…
From these analysations, there will be the opportunities where the company can use as the advantage compared to other competitors. Secondly, more information that’s required to improve the business plan such as the financial information for other competitor and the donation industry can evaluate the potential opportunities and potential risks that the company may be faced. For example, SWOT analysis can be one the suitable method to appraise the opportunities and risks when it’s pointed out the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats of the industry and the company; therefore, the company’s manager can analyse and eliminate the potential threats and focus more on the opportunities. Thirdly, there is important to have the research about the Australia Regulation about the donation such as is there any tax fees for the recipient, and what is the tax rate for the eTip company, especially when the company services are not stopping at the traditional form of tip but broaden to other such as small gifts, coffees and foods. Marketing plan With the original idea is to
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