The Project Plan For The Final Project

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In doing a research project, it is always important for one to have a plan. In this case, the following will outline the Project Plan for the final Project. The types of sources, a timeline, a plan to gather information and a working research question will be outlined for use throughout the project. The types of sources that will be used for this project will vary. The sources will be researched using various platforms. Most, if not all, research will be done through the internet and various search engines, including but not limited to Google Scholar, the ITT Tech Virtual Library and Google. The references will vary and will be comprised of scholarly articles, news articles, possible survey through social media and even blogs for information on various opinions pertaining to the project topic. In locating these resources, it will be important to note where the article came from (as in news, academic, blog, etc.) and the website itself. It can sometimes be easy to find sources on the internet that do not hold valid or potential misleading information. Analyzing the sources found will consist of a lot of reading and picking out pieces that aid in the overall goal/research question of the project, whether supportive or non-supportive. Completing all tasks associated with the project will be broken down into weeks; this means that certain sections can be worked on at different paces. This project plan is the first step. The literature review will take the longest to complete,…

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