The Proliferation Of Social Networks And Smartphone

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The proliferation of social networks and smartphone has advanced the field of healthcare in term of more effective sharing and communication between patients and healthcare providers. Prior to the expansion of social media and mobile technologies patient to patient and patient to doctor relations were stagnant, communication only occurred via telephone or in person. However, medicine is far from static today. Social media, smartphones, and cloud computing allows for patients and healthcare providers to share their experiences and expertise on a platform that reaches thousands, if not millions, at once. These technological advancements have allowed people to not only contribute to the total sum of knowledge, by…show more content…
Physicians pride themselves in being lifelong learners; therefore, it has been imperative for them to adopt the novel technologies and use them for more effective patient care. Additionally, in this “digital age” patients and healthcare providers are readily able to gather and share healthcare information using social media (Chretien et al, 2013). They are likewise capable to obtain support through discussion groups and forums, and chronicle their illness journeys. Collectively, these changes have led to the establishment of the social healthcare, where in which social media and mobile technologies are widely applied in the health care area. This change is driven by the need for better patient care and information sharing among healthcare providers and patients. Many hospitals have in place and/or are already working on a social media strategy, but those strategies do not evolve with the technological advancements. The application of social media and mobile technologies in healthcare has only lately started to take effect. One medical research and treatment centre that has applied social media and mobile technologies to its existing health care model effectively is the Mayo Clinic. The clinic adopted 15,000 iOS devices from Apple; including iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone. Mayo Clinic has integrated these mobile devices into their health care model by building custom mobile applications. They have developed Synthesis Mobile which is a mobile application that
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