The Proliferation and Advances of Computer Networks

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Introduction The Proliferation and advances in computer network have led to increase Distributed database system In Distributed Database Different user are connected for accessing the data. In distributed database the data from the single local computer can be transferred or distributed on various computer connected at the same physical location. The Data from the database can be distributed to the multiple physical loacation. It is a powerful technology with great potential to help companies focus on how to transfer information by their main branch to the different sub-branch or collected data from their sub branch to their main branch. This is not the easy as we se there is different types of corrupted data on the remote computers. There is also possibility of problem in physical location. The network must be failed in between data transfer. There is also possibility of hacking data in between tansfering. There is some techniques used by Distributed Database for handling this types of problems during information transfering over the different networks.

I. Distributed database Distributed database is the study of how the communication can be build by creating the data on the local computer and distributed that information on different computer connected to the same physical loacation. With the involation of the Distributed database in the rapid growth of the Internet can
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