The Prologue Of The Prose Edda

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I will be doing my source analysis paper on the prologue of the Prose Edda. I’ve read this text previously in one of my humanities classes, which is why I chose this text to do my source analysis paper on. Snorri Sturluson, a Christian who wished to preserve the knowledge of the old religion of his lands, composed the Norse creation myth, Prose Edda. I found his molding of the myth into a story featuring a contest between the King and the Old Gods interesting. Kings want to be seen and known as gods to their people and become famous in their part of the world. It seems as though there were better intentions with the Old Gods, and that there was a desire to live as a good person in a good world without the desire for money and power.
The prologue involves orthodox Christian tales and demonstrates the pagan gods as being ancient heroes. The prologue from my understanding sets the tone for the text as it starts with the beginning of the tales and creation. I believe it all together was mainly intended for an academic audience rather than a general audience, and perhaps even those who are interested in reading texts involving orthodox Christian tales such as this one. I found the prologue to be based around religious content, which is why I think the targeted audience, would be those interested in religious literature. Regarding the text as a whole, the Prose Edda at first glance classifies itself as a sacrifice creation myth. Ymir is sacrificed and his body is used to create…

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