The Prominence of Sex in International Government Relations

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Last night I got dumped. My boyfriend and I went to Panera just down the grey, slush-covered street and I asked if he was going to see me before I left for the winter. But then, he paused and said, “we need(ed) to talk.” The scene I always feared progressed in slow motion in front of me whilst my heart fell soft and incongruously shattered on the floor. Nevertheless it was only when tears came to my (previously long since dry) eyes and I begged him to fight for me, that our relationship leaped off the faux wood table and entertained the on-looking patrons, pre-occupied the stages of my friends’ dorm rooms, and gave a topic of interest to the bright little screens of smart phones belonging to gossipers I barely knew. But why did anybody…show more content…
Seventeenth century countries approaching an impending economic cascade would have considered marrying off a child of the monarchy (or similar form of ruling party) to a neighboring country with the ability to save the failing nation from economic demise. In such a case as this, it becomes quite simple to see the relation of sex in the private domain to that of the public realm in that, though the two political figures to be married might very well possess a fruitful sexual relationship in the privacy of the bedroom, the impetus for this relationship was a public one, to save one nation from down fall (and for another nation to acquire the land of a country determined to save itself from worse fates). To ally nations in the hopes of perpetuating one’s self, in the hopes of acquiring wealth in land, or in the hopes of simply passing a name down to resonate in future years one can bear witness to the privacy of the sexual fantasy, of the long term marriage, of the family becoming a publicity whereupon the weight of nations can bear down on the fruit of a union. When a couple is formed whether amongst monarchs or university students, there is public bearing on the fruits of their union, if they succeed a name could be passed down,

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