The Promise Research Paper

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It"s very easy to say things and make certain promises you don't intend to keep. Actions can be more powerful than words because most of the time people will just tell you what you want to hear and they make promises to satisfy you. Sometimes people just speak on things just to keep a person happy even though their actions don't reflect on it. For instance, In this book that i read a while ago, a woman was in a state of depression because her husbands actions made her feel as if he didn't care for her. He always left the house late at night and would be gone for hours. She was always alone and it affected her deeply. However, he would tell her that he loves and compliment her admiring beauty. Each time he would say those sweet words to her it satisfied her need for attention.…show more content…
Your words are promises and promises can be broken. For example, there was a time where i would show up late to my science class everyday. It became a pattern and i could tell my teacher grew frustrated with my postponed attendance. So, one day at the end of class my teacher pulled me to the side and spoke to me about my tardy behaviour. So, I made her a promise that I would show up on time.However, the following Monday I showed up late once again. I could see the disappointment in my teacher's face.This shows that your words are promises and your actions can break those promises. Therefore, actions speak louder than words because it's easier to say than do. It's always best to match up your actions with your words because you can prevent yourself from hurting another
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