The Promotion Of Tesla Motors

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The Promotion of Tesla and the advertising of the Model S car displays them the world’s most cutting edge manufacturer and car for public consumption. We have built a reputation around the success of the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. He has a history of taking great risks with companies and creating innovation out of those risks. Those ventures include PayPal and SpaceX, both of which are leaders in both the online payment format and space exploration industries (Forbes). The name itself, Tesla, is associated with innovation. The company is named after the engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, who was the inventor of the Tesla coil and the AC power transmission, which is used in Tesla’s cars currently (Tesla & Business Insider). Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest minds, which is why we chose to name Tesla Motors after him. When consumers think of our product they think of the innovation and advancement, the same way Nikola Tesla is thought of. The brand elicits cutting edge performance, new concepts, desirability and exclusivity. Products at Tesla display the ability to compete with any car on in multiple categories; the Model S gets better mpg than a Prius and still has better performance than a Porsche. The Model S is smart tech equipped, with a touch screen center control panel from the top of the dash to the gearshift, which no other commercial car has to date. Our branding is seen as luxurious and exclusive; in order to acquire one of our cars you have to be on an
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