The Promotional Strategies of Smart and Globe: A Student's Perspective

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Introduction: Starting from telegraphic and telephonic systems in the19th Century, the field of telephonic communication has now Expanded to make use of advanced technologies like GSM, CDMA and WLL to the great 3G Technology in mobile phones. Day by day, both the Public Players and the Private Players are Putting in their resources and efforts to improve the Telecommunication technology so as to give the maximum to Their customers. In business, it is important to use various and innovative promotional strategies to expand the demand of your product and to earn more consumers. It is one of the main things a business or a company must do to keep on working. There are 3 different ways to promote a product: to show information to…show more content…
That’s exactly how Globe Telecom—the number two provider in the Philippines, with 27 million customers—is approaching the competitive challenge. Globe specifically recognized that the most effective way to attract and retain the value-conscious Philippine mobile customer was to spur action through time-limited marketing promotions—for example, reload HSDPA service with PHP30 and also get 24 hours unlimited SMS product. Call it opportunistic marketing in the extreme. ( The main objective of this research is to assess the different promotional strategies of SMART and Globe Telecom Networks in the Philippines. The reasons that pushed the researchers to write about this topic is because one of the most widely used technologies today involve the use of networking, and the main providers of such networking use different promotional strategies to beat the competition. The researchers will provide adequate information about the processes and procedures of the networking companies and also the different perceptions of the respondents the researchers are going to interview. Objectives of the Study The research entitled “The Promotional Strategies of Smart and Globe as Perceived by the Selected Mass Comm Students of New Era University” has the following objectives: 1. What are the promotional strategies of Smart and Globe? 2. What benefits do respondents enjoy out of these

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