The Proof Theory By Great Scientists Jean Piaget 's Theory

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Formal operation is the time where adolescence tends to identify as stage 4. This stage is the proof theory by great scientists Jean Piaget. He studied different stages of children to better understand the behavior. In stage 4 of Piaget’s theory, it implicates appearances level of creativity, thinking more broadly, reasoning with problems and grasping of peripheral concepts. One of the major root causes of formal operation stage is the criticism of Piaget theory seen as it lacks in the flexibility in the child that undergoes the theory. In addition, children can accomplish these characteristics at earlier or late then determined age range (Moshman, D. (1977).). This stage is unique found in the adolescence. For example, this stage tends…show more content…
Falling back on Jean Piaget approach on this theory, one can understand that the adolescence time can go anywhere from ages ten to eleven. This age group can even bridging over to teen year ages of seventeen to eighteen and theoretically even later. Pubertal age is sometimes confused for adolescent stage of development (Moshman, D, 1977). However, as seen through Piaget’s effort of work done with children’s, adolescence and the stages of development show the correlation between adolescence’s growths in the physical hormonal growth compared to the mental growth adolescences encounter. I performed this experiment with my fellow classmates sister mehak singh. Mehak is 13-year-old girl in 8th grade. She is half Indian and half Italian. Mehak was raised by her mother and has never seen her father before. Mehak defends her mother by stating “he walked out on us when I was a baby”. This gave me a general idea based on what I have learned about the Piaget stages. After speaking to mehak, I was able to detect the stage 4 formal operation on her by her behavior and acceptance she showed towards my project. The resemblance of maturity was present. Mehak comes from single mother working forty hours a week household. The procedure was set up somewhat different from the guidelines provided by Dr. Raymond. Since, I performed this experiment on a friend’s younger sister, I had to come across very trustworthy. I explained to her about my course and what my professors
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