The Propaganda Of The World War II

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What comes to mind when you think of World War II propaganda? Maybe a poster urging American parents to purchase war bonds, or possibly the famous Uncle Sam poster, stating “I Want YOU For U.S. Army. Although both of these examples of American propaganda posters were effective, Walt Disney was even more so. Now, I know what you 're thinking, Walt Disney created harmless cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, not wartime propaganda. However, Disney actually created some of the most effective pieces of propaganda during the second world war and he did this through animation shorts such as Education for Death (1943). Education for Death is a ten minute short that displays the “making of a Nazi”, by following the life of Hans, a young boy born in Nazi Germany. With that being said, my paper will address how the medium of animation was used to comment on a particular historical event; in this case, wartime propaganda in World War II. In addition, through analyzing the animation style and narrative of this short, it will become clear as to why Education for Death impacted and socialized individuals so effectively. To better understand why Education for Death was particularly effective during World War II, we must understand the goal of propaganda as a whole. Having said this, stereotypes are at the core of all propaganda efforts and aim to create the perception that “we” are honorable and the enemy is dishonorable. Furthermore, propaganda attempts to engage with
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