The Propaganda, the Ministries, and the Leader

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North Korea is an extreme isolated country and is known for continuously violating human rights. Defectors, North Koreans who escaped the isolated country, “continue to report that North Korea maintains a record of consistent, severe human rights violations, stemming from the government’s total control over all activity”(North Korea: Government). The similarities between North Korean society and the society in the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell are very much alike. A government constructed by sole trust in a supreme leader, complete control over the media, and sectioned ministries with individual roles that restrict the people from various free will behaviors and thoughts are the factors that have facilitated the control over the…show more content…
Because the government controls all media and the Internet is not a factor in the society, the North Korean population is dependent and trustworthy of their government compared to the one billion plus social media users worldwide (Bullas, Jeff). Social media in the unrestricted world allows for people’s voices be heard and influence others not allowing a government to sustain many firm statements on any topic without considering the response from the population. The media is not the only source of control in isolated North Korea and Oceania. Ministries are constructed to keep the population from rejecting or rebelling the government. Ministries in both North Korea and Oceania are the main sources along with the superior leader that applies the isolating restrictions on their populations. In Oceania, the Ministry of Love (deals with torturing and punishing those against the party), the Ministry of Peace (deals with all the aspects of the war), the Ministry of Truth (deals with propaganda and changing past documentations), and the Ministry of Plenty (deals with rationing food and goods). The ministries in North Korea only include the Ministry of Public Safety which is in charge of law and order as well as court. “The courts are in charge of political
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