The Proper Ratio Of Nurses

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Overview Formulating the proper ratio of nurses to patients remains to be a challenging topic that has been debated in healthcare policy in numerous techniques during the previous twenty years. Adequate staffing of nurses is critical due to the direct effect that it can have on the ability to provide safe, quality healthcare (American Nurses Association, 2012). In the modern era, legislators have attempted to answer the idea of nurse staffing ratios in two distinct techniques. The first technique, embraced by the state of California, is to enforce a definite numeric nurse-to-patient ratio which is required to be upheld within the entire medical insitiution. The second technique, which is recently more frequently used, is to develop a…show more content…
Research evidence yields that nurse-to-patient staffing ratios influences the quality of care that nurses can deliver and it being essential that nurses advocate for modifications in the delivery of healthcare that allow them to provide optimal care for their patients. The state of Illinois enacted statue to address the need for appropriate and safe nurse staffing levels. HB0282 and SB1296, known as the Nursing Care and Quality Improvement Act, was introduced to the 97th General Assembly of the State of Illinois in 2011. The statue was envisioned to improve the ability to deliver acceptable, appropriate, and optimal healthcare by nurses. This statue mandated that the staffing of nurses be established on the acuity method, which incorporates mutually the amount of nursing staff required and the expertise of the nursing staff, when staffing a unit. The employment numeric for a specific unit would be reevalauated on a yearly basis. This statue identified the necessity for a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio. In addition, nurses can decline to take an assignment if it dishonored the set nurse-to-patient ratio or if the nurse did not have the education, training or experience to fulfill the assignment. The medical insitution would not be
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