The Proper Social Media for any Campaign

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The Proper Social Media for my Campaign Social media is going to be a key component for my campaign. I would like to reach and interact with an age group ranging from about 12 to 18 years old. This age group is heavily invested in online communication and social media. This age group would also benefit significantly from the development of social relationships end its effect on long term health. Social media allows people to interact through online mobile devices. (Eytan, et al., 2011) This interaction or socialization can be used to benefit the health and mortality outlook for many people. The most common platforms for social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Yammer. (Social media is the message for occ health, 2011) The types of communication platforms that would be most useful to my campaign are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These are open media platforms allowing free access, while others such as Yammer and LinkedIn are closed or open only to specific users. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also the most appropriate tools for my campaign because they are the mainstay for the target age group. My target population has a high techno-literacy rate, and is very adept at using the chosen platforms’ would use these to start a communication platform around the benefits of social relationships, and their link to improved health outcomes. Studies show that 75% of online news consumers get information via email or forwarded through these social platforms.
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