The Properties Of Globalization As A Classless Society

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borders become porous, and information, money, and people flow relatively freely from one community to another. The complex social processes of globalization do not only operate on a surface level. Rather, globalization produces different results in the everyday lives of students living in Southern California as well as indigenous Guatemalan tribes. “Glocal”, the property of being both global and local, characterizes my own life quite clearly. Properties of globalization are particularly apparent in the way I perceive my own identity, as a Chinese-American women.
In Ireland, residents of Myross are negatively represented in the media. Even though Ireland is said to be a classless society according to social commentators such as David McWilliams, the percentage of working poor is steadily increasing. Overgeneralization of Myross inhabitants keeps the residents stuck in their current socio-economic level. In the case of the Irish residents, social inequality was maintained, in part, through the media, by vilifying welfare recipients and maintaining an inaccurate portrayal of social mobility. Thanks to stigmatization in the media, locals experience unequal treatment in obtaining mortgages and insurance, poor self esteem, and fewer job opportunities. In one specific account, a teenager expressed that, in order to be successful, she had to change her accent as to not be identified. (Wassenberg 2004)
Similarly, Asians experience their own form of misrepresentation in Western
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