The Prophet Muhammad

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The Prophet Muhammad
The Prophet Muhammad is the founder of Islam. He is known as the Messenger of God to people of the Islamic faith. Muhammad lived a rough life but he also changed people’s lives. His religion has had an effect on millions of people. There are no pictures of Muhammad’s face; he made a point that the religion was to not be about him, but about Allah.
In 570 C.E in Mecca, Arabia a baby boy, a descendant of Abraham named Muhammad, whose name means “highly praised”, was born. Muhammad’s father, Abdullah, died before he was born and his mother, Amina died when he was only six years old. After the death of his mom, he became an orphan. He was taken in by a woman named Halmiah, who became his foster mother. In 595 C.E.,
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This is known as the first revelation and his known as the ‘recitation’. Muhammad did not believe in what was happening at first, he thought he was being possessed by a spirit. He had seen a lot spirit possession and was not fond of the idea. He wondered if he had this revelation because this is what his piety(reverence for God) had led him, where meditation took a man, or his reward for fasting and praying. Muhammad sat in the cave and began having thoughts of suicide. An angel, Archangel Gabriel took over his vision, Muhammad staggered back into the cave and asked his wife to protect him. His wife Khadijah left the cave and asked her spiritual advisor after Muhammad had fallen asleep, later she returned to the cave and said that Muhammad was a prophet of God. This is known as his second birth into the world of spirit. For the next two years Muhammad had no revelations, he went through that possession of the spirit as he likes to call it and than it just left him. He went into depression and he felt forsaken. Muhammad’s a second revelation than followed, it is named ‘daylight’. It was not as frightening as the first
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