Essay The Proposal

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The day after Sarah walked out with the handsome cropper, Staithes sent Humphrey Sutcliffe to summon Sarah to his office. When she was in the office, Staithes cleared his throat, a mannerism he employed when he was uncertain. He was afraid that his interview with the spinning lass would not go as he wished it to. Sarah spoke first. “You sent for me Mister Staithes,” she said, making a nervous curtsey. “Yes. I want to see you. It’s Sarah, isn’t it? That’s your name, eh?” “Yes Mister Staithes, I’m Sarah Cartwright.” “Yes. You are one of Oliver Cartwright’s girls?” “Yes, sir, I am.” “I have been watching you. You are a good worker.” “Thank you, sir.” Sarah had been expecting criticism and was pleased by his surprising compliment. She…show more content…
What do you say?” he cleared his throat again, and waited for her acceptance. Sarah was equally excited as she was troubled by the mix of emotions that rose in her breast. She was flattered by Staithes’ offer but also uncomfortable. “What would I have to do, sir?” a tremble in her voice betrayed her uneasiness. “You will perform all household duties.” “I don’t know what to say, Mister Staithes.” “You have run a house before, Sarah? You know what needs to be done?” “I ran my parent’s home in the country when they were busy with farming and weaving, but that was a small house not a grand place like yours. Our old house would fit inside yours twenty times and rattle around. Holmeside Hall is very big. I don’t know that I could manage it.” Staithes saw her unease and proceeded to assuage it. He wanted nothing to stand in the way of putting Sarah in his home. “It’s not how big a place is that matters, Sarah.” He enjoyed speaking her name. “It’s how well you manage its affairs. I don’t have a family. There’s just me. Then, if you accept, there’d be me and you.. I have a groom for the horses and he also tends the gardens. He has a cottage in the grounds so you wouldn’t see much of him. A local woman comes in during the day when I am about on business, which is six days out of seven, more often than not. The woman cleans and cooks as needed. You could take on some of her duties, but she would do all the heavy
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