The Proposal Of The Employment Non Discrimination Act

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The proposal of the Employment Non-discrimination Act by the American Congress has attracted the warm attention that most victims of sexual-oriented and gender-based discrimination wished dawned on their fellow citizens. This arises from the prevalent cases of reported discrimination in the workplace today, implying a modern society, yet to discharge the traditional perception of prejudice. It emerges amidst the outcry to free the workplace elements of discrimination, still locking out a crop of hardworking and qualified nationals from the labor market. This ascends from the assumption of discriminative cocoons that barely captures how well one performs in their job. In spite of such attempts, cases where the physically challenged are…show more content…
The subject of the discrimination facing the man ensues from his disability. In addition, the man claims that the organization denied him a reasonable accommodation as three of his left hand fingers were missing (Reed 1).
The man presents a sympathizing account of the inhumane treatment experienced in 2013 upon his recruitment. He further outlines that upon discovering that the gloves issued to him were ill-fitting owing to his condition, the organization never accommodated his special needs. To the contrary of his expectations upon passing the certification, the management allegedly demanded him to wear the ill-fitting gloves. Attempts to use his properly designed gloves attracted an additional attack line, upon which the supervisor demanded him to wear gloves approved only by the organization. Equally, his fitting gloves were alleged to pose immense problems in the case they are trapped in the machinery (Reed 3).
Besides the unfair treatment experienced in his one-month stay, the plaintiff submissions reveal the discriminatory attacks mounted by supervisors. Moreover, they cited his physical condition as unsuitable to the nature of the undertaking. Finally, the man contends of his unfair dismissal despite committing a small and fixable mistake. In view of the above submissions, the plaint seeks to claim compensations and punitive damages accruing to $10 million (Reed 5).

III. Analysis
The primary effect of the
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