The Pros And Cons Of A Career

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Career Will I make the right choice? This is a common question that comes across every college students mind when choosing what career path, they want to head down. It is a decision that holds the potential to influence every aspect of their life: their happiness, when they have kids, whether they travel, everything can be impacted. One has to weigh out the pros and cons of the careers they are choosing between, because there are always many challenges, but there are often rewards too. I can’t wait to begin my career. I can’t wait for the challenges. I can’t wait for the rewards that will come with being a teacher. I can’t wait to work with little kids and do what I love and incorporate all of my interests. I currently work at a daycare,…show more content…
My duty as a future teacher is to my future students. My duty will be to educate and create a love for learning. My duty will be to create a sense of belonging for my classroom. My duty will be to leave a positive impact on my student’s lives, and to give them the love and care inside the classroom that they deserve and might be missing in other aspects of their life. My interest in teaching began at a young age. My two aunts and two uncles are teachers, so it was always a topic in my life. I was always making my younger cousins play “school” with me, and I hated being a student. I loved to be the teacher and would make lesson plans and assignments to give to my “students.” Another reason I became interested in teaching is my love for kids. I have always had a big heart and lots of love for babies and young children ever since I was little myself. I knew I wanted a career revolving around kids because that is what I enjoyed, loved, and what has always made me happy. A career in teaching makes sense and works with my personality qualities. I recently changed majors. I was originally going to school for Architecture. Even though I had said all my life I wanted to be a teacher, I put that idea on the back burner. My aunts and uncles that were teachers always told me not to be one, because of money issues and
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