The Pros And Cons Of A PCO

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I major in marketing. There are various career options for marketing major students. Marketer is the popular career that many marketing major students would like to choose as a career. Marketing product or service is closely related to sales of a company. Therefore, having successful and effective marketing strategy is essential for a company. Marketing professionals are the people who deal with the marketing strategy. As their work is important, they gain high income. As they get mature, their salary is continually increasing and work experience considers as a valuable asset in the field. In contract, marketing professionals have to continually put their effort in development and adaptation for constant changing market. Therefore, most of…show more content…
They both have similar working condition, salaries, and requirements. The main difference between marketer and PCO is the range of work. PCO takes responsibility on whole process such as organization, marketing, and processing. While marketer specifically focus on the sales of products or services. Finding a job that suit one’s talent, capacity, ability, experience and skill is critical. I want to be a professional convention organize because I believe my personality, ability, and experiences work in perfect harmony with the job.
After graduation from the university, I have a short-term and a long-term career goal that I want to achieve. My short-term career goal is to work in a big conference agency such as COEX, Kintex, or Intercom in South Korea. I hope to be a member of the big corporation where I can experience to hold a variety of big conventions and big exhibitions and gain knowledge and skills that only the big firm can provide. After gaining valuable experiences and skills by achieving the short-term career goal, my long-term career goal is to work as a freelance professional convention
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Firstly, language ability, especially English, is required. The topic of convention or exhibition is varied. Thanks to the globalization, interaction with foreigners is common. In order to actively interchange each other, the ability to fluently use a world common language, English, is mandatory. Second one is computer skill. Making the best use of various Microsoft programs such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel is essential to reduce time and cost. Also, knowing how to draw a general drawing via VISIO is valuable. Having an effective general drawing about a convention or an exhibition is a basic need to make the process of convention or exhibition goes smoothly. Thirdly, a person needs to a well-informed man with brad vision. Professional convention planner covers various fields such as finance, culture, society, economy, and science. Also, their goal is varied such as resourcing for the revenues, sponsorship and exhibition management, event registration, and so on. Therefore, having diverse perspectives on diverse fields is important. Fourthly, management skill is requisite. The core task of PCO is to offer and to control the whole process of a convention or an exhibition which puts oneself under a lot of pressure and great workload. So, time management, schedule management, and quick on ability to handle situation are important basic skills that professional

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