The Pros And Cons Of Abolishing The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is the the “punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.” ( The death penalty has been around for about 400 years now. The death penalty originated in virginia in 1605 by Captain George Kendall. The death penalty itself is a very controversial topic and many people have different [points of view on it. Within this essay will be the main parts ion why the death penalty is the worst thing that has come to the United States. Abolishing the Death Penalty would be the best thing that could happen to California if Proposition 62 was passed. It would help Californian taxpayers save money, take away the risk of execution an innocent person, and would abolish the penalty of dehumanizing the inmates. Proposition 62 should be passed! It wastes too much on housing inmates, keeping them healthy, and giving them food. With all those requirements it roughly cost $31,286 to keep one inmate locked up per year. Which is costing taxpayers over $150 million a year( According to BBC California alone has spent over $4 billion annually to keep the death penalty in place and continues to keep paying that much. With passing proposition 62 Californian taxpayers would save more than $150 million a year. (BBC Website) The amount of money that is spent just keeping the death penalty up and running is just needless. If the death penalty is passed then that means that California will spend even more money trying

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