The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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For more than forty years, there is still much debate over whether or not abortion should be a legal option and it remains to split Americans. The US Supreme Courts choice on Roe v. Wade acknowledged the procedure for abortion as a “fundamental right” in January 22, 1973. The ethical issues are between pro-life and pro-choice, the debate if it should be legal or not. The ethical issues for Pro-life activists believe that life starts at conception, and abortion is comparable to murder as it is taking a human life. They would conclude that any government or religious society should not permit a person to deliberately harm or take life of another human without any punishment, and abortion is not any different. Pro-life activists consider adoption is feasible alternative to abortion with many families are willing to adopt. It could also result in health complications because it has a higher chance in miscarriages and pelvic infection. In the argument of incest and rape, there are ways of other conception to make sure the woman will not get pregnant. Abortion should not penalize the unborn innocent child who did no wrongdoing. While many Americans who pay taxes object to abortion, they believe it is immoral to use taxpayer’s money to fund abortion. Demographics for abortion are usually young teens and minors, they do not completely understand what are they are doing. It can cause a lifetime of regrets and psychological pain and trauma. In contrast, pro-choice advocates argue

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