The Pros And Cons Of Abusive Relationship

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What it really means to be in an abusive relationship
Society is very familiar with the terms physical and emotional abuse, whether it is personal or a term heard in passing. The majority of people want a happy, beneficial relationship not one that is going to cause more harm than good, yet so many people find themselves in harmful relationships. Why? People do not just find themselves in repressive relationships, there are many factors in one's life that contribute to the reasons one may find themselves victims in repressive relationships. When people think of tyranny what first comes to mind is some of the world’s darkest events and the tyrants responsible for them. More often than not, tyrants are at the forefront to blame for the suffering and death of so many innocent people. Some historical tyrants that come into mind include Adolf Hitler and a person he worked closely with, Benito Mussolini. Hitler ruled Germany with absolute authority in the years leading up to world war two, took advantage of the German people’s suffering in the wake of world war one. He was able to manipulate the German people transforming himself a symbol of hope at the time, offering the German people a way out of the crippling poverty the country was stricken with as a result of the loss of world war one. By 1998 Hitler has established a strong support system and threatened to invade Austria (tyranny citation pg 18). Austria allowed the invasion to transpire with no objections to the Nazi
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