The Pros And Cons Of Adlerian Theory

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Corey, 2017). He also states that the study of clinical populations is extremely limited and "there is a definite need for further Adlerian-oriented research on inpatients and outpatients alike" (Corey, 2017).
Following this study Watkins (1992) analyzed the research activity with Adlerian theory appearing in the Journal of Individual Psychology during the years 1982 to 1990. 103 studies appeared during this nine-year period. This was a significant increase over the previous 12 years that he had reported on earlier (Watkins, 1983). Although he did not attempt to evaluate the quality of the studies reported, Watkins (1992) does conclude by stating that the research into Adler's theory is still on the increase and suggests it is a vital theory that lends itself to empirical inquiry. Since 1990, the reported research has continued to grow with the Journal of Individual Psychology publishing additional studies on marriage, children, substance abuse, class room management, behavioral problems in children and youth, and offenders. A number of other professional journals have included research articles on Adlerian theory as well.
One of the issues regarding Adlerian theory and practice is the lack of research demonstrating its effectiveness in counseling and therapy. An early problem with experimental research was that the European Adlerians were suspicious of research based upon statistical methods. To complicate matters, the case method approach upon which Adlerians
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