The Pros And Cons Of American Airline

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In 2015, it showed in the record that the number of employees American Airline has was 110,300 employees within different departments such as flight attendants, and ground workers and pilots. With this huge number of workers, they need a representative to make their rights will be claimed. That why American Airline has a voice with a different labor unions such as Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), Transport Workers Union-International Association of Machinists alliance (TWU-IAM) and Allied Pilot Association (APA). Therefore, the airline will be forced to consider and listen to the labor unions and their demands to avoid strikes that can damage the reputation of the company.
American airline trying to address the recommendation that are made by the labor unions to make sure of the employee contentment, conviction and satisfaction to be avoiding the publicity scandal that can happen. For example, the personnel of the American airline recently, the flight attendants, suffered headaches, hives and rashes. At first nobody could know what’s happening, but then it was emphasized that the new uniforms were the culprit. According to the Association of Flight Professionals (APFA), more than 1,600 employees have grown up complaining of skin problems and some other problems. Due to the increasing number of complaints, the Association of Flight Professionals were asked to ask American Airline to test the uniforms and replace them so
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