The Pros And Cons Of American Education

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The American education is overly stressful and outdated. Neither student nor teacher genuinely want to be there. Students either want to go home or learn something they believe will be helpful in adult life; Teachers either want to go home or teach students who aren’t bored and are willing to listen. Teachers and their student counterparts tend to build a wall made of boredom and disrespect between themselves, making the hour long lectures and lessons that much more unbearable. Many times the feeling is mutual for a simple reason: neither teachers nor students always want to be at school. The harsh routine of 8 to 3, sometimes longer, isn’t ideal for virtually all people trapped in the tiny walls of this repetitive cycle. Mutual boredom causes disrespect, making the teachers’ jobs harder and the students’ emotional health to suffer as their grades do. Many people don’t realize that teachers, no matter how much they love their job, are often just as bored as the students. When teachers are forced to deal with bored and uninterested students, it is easy to fall into a loop of boring lessons in which no one is happy. John Taylor Gatto, a former teacher of 30 years, wrote an essay surrounding many of his experiences as a teacher for such a large amount of time called “Against School”. In this essay he speaks about how many teachers are “every bit as bored as [the students are]”. Behind the scenes in teachers lounges, at home, even at department meetings, anywhere you can
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