The Pros And Cons Of An Electrician

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Take a walk around your house. Notice all of the switches and receptacles, and the cords dangling out of them? Have you ever thought about why you can plug something in and have it turn on or charge? Or how when you flip the switch in your bedroom, wonder how the light turns on? There are certain tradesmen out there that build systems of wiring for not only houses and garages, but stores and factories as well. This person is known as an electrician, and they, along with the other tradesman in the construction field, will see a 14% growth from 2014 to 2024. Who is an electrician and what does their job entail? How much do they make and how long will their industry be around? As long as the world needs to see, electricians will be there to light…show more content…
So extensive, in fact, that they study for as long as a medical doctor (8 Years). Just as physicians are trained to master all things medical, even though most choose to specialize in a certain field, the Master Electrician has to be prepared to correctly diagnose and apply the correct “treatment” to a problem. Also, just as doctors must fix those who have tried to fix things themselves, an electrician must know how to resolve the dangers that the homeowner or business owner has made for himself. This means that not only do they have to know how to install new systems, but they must also know how to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain different electrical systems. Injuries are among the highest in the electrical field, with shocks, burns, cuts & bruise being the most common of them. The Electrical Safety Foundation International, or ESFi, indicates that around 30,000 non-fatal electric shocks happen each year, many of which happen to electricians. Currents greater than 75mA will result in a rapid, ineffective heart beat, and death will occur within just a few minutes unless a defibrillator is used. OSHA cautions that 75 mA is not very much current and warns that even a small power drill uses 30 times as much current. They’re also at a higher risk of burns and
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