The Pros And Cons Of Animal Research

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Another question now comes to the surface is a continuity/discontinuity argument. What the continuity argument is, is that animals are closely related to humans, they still produce the same emotions. Using animals in psychological experiments poses a serious ethical dilemma in part. In response to the continuity argument would be the discontinuity argument. This argument states that humans are different to other species. What this means is that research on animals provides this limitation on findings in human behavior that are not generalizable. Scientist use their best efforts when conducting experiments to allow animals the safest and most beneficial actions. Scientist always put in the consideration that the animal may be harmed. The American Psychological Association in turn prevents any type of experiment/study that shows any possible distress or harm to the animal.
Another argument against the use of animals would be that the Animal Welfare Act does not cover all species. The claim that this argument makes is that all animals have a right to be treated with respect and not to be harmed. Animal research in part is not justifiable in any situation not matter the animal. Making more research more human by using more naturalistic methods along with decreasing the number of experiments and using safeguards would benefit much greater. Though it is true that the Animal Welfare Act does not cover all species of animals, there is a reasoning behind this. In 2002, an amendment
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