The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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When I say fuzzy bunny or tiny kitten, what comes to mind? I envision a warm feeling sweeps through your heart as you imagine a soft cuddly creature wrapped in your arms. Now, what comes to mind when I say cosmetics? Do you think lotion or women’s make up? You probably do not realize the connection between a fuzzy bunny and your daily moisturizer, but in the U.S, there is actually an alarming connection between the two. In the United States, researchers for cosmetic companies see the same animals that we see as cute pets as a tool that can be used to determine if ingredients used in cosmetics, or the cosmetic itself, will cause skin irritation and other negative side effects in humans.
Each year 26 million animals are used in animal research. Many of these animals suffer and even die from this cruel research method ( These helpless animals are caged, tortured, and only handled for the research and testing of the ingredients in our personal care products. Even more alarming, this treatment of animals is not illegal or banned. It has actually been the norm for several cosmetic companies in the United States for decades. This is not right nor is it fair. Animal testing for the use of cosmetics should be banned in the United States because there are a significant number of alternatives to animal testing. Furthermore, the use of animals for cosmetic testing is inhumane and unnecessary. This is not a new issue, and has been debated for years. A bill was introduced

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