The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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and or cells, primates would be used during the experiment since it is the closest related animal to humans and it needs to be closely related to test on because of how specific the information reviewed from the experiments needs to be for it to work on humans. Although this is just one example of animal testing, some of the experiments can be a psychological experiment which does not cause any physical harm to the animals being tested on, such as “a rat learns to press a button” for the cause of receiving food pellets (Collier). This is an example of how not all experiments are cruel experiments that seem close of killing animals for little to no results. Even if there were to be experiments that would cause some sort of physical harm to the animals, animals will be euthanized in the labs with a some anesthetic so the animal “simply goes to sleep” which is not inhumane(Collier). To test mental illnesses, it would need to be tested on a deeper level than just an MRI, it would need to be on a molecular level, which is where an MRI on a human would not be able to work, but seeing it on an animal would which is required to get any results. Yet even with the reasonable cause, many scientists will face much harassment and threats from extremist’s groups causing havoc right in front of their own houses such as destroying property and yelling “truly heinous things” which does not seem fair or right (Collier). Everybody should have the rights to have their own opinions on certain
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