The Pros And Cons Of Animals In Zoos

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’’According to CNN, animal advocacy group Born Free reports that there have been 256 injuries in zoos due to animal attacks over the past 26 years, resulting in 33 deaths.’’ Every single year there are many animals killed or injured in zoo’s. There are numerous zoo’s placed all over the United States. The zoo’s keep the animals trapped in a fenced in enclosure with little to no water source or spacious area. Numerous people disagree with the fact various breeds are mixed in the same enclosure. People believe that animals should be allowed to enjoy their own natural habitat and live with their families, and not trapped within enclosures.

In the wild, elephants often walk up to 30 miles a day. Bears are very active animals, they roam around hundreds of miles exploring, and are normally active for 18 or more hours a day. Tigers and lions will roam for many miles just to hunt down their pray, and love to run and climb on things. But when these animals are imprisoned in cages and small enclosures at the zoo, they aren’t capable of living up to their natural instincts. “Living without these important things often causes “zoochosis” is a condition in which animals act strangely and even hurt themselves out of boredom and frustration”. Some don't realize all the cons of animals being kept in a zoo.

Since visitors love seeing baby animals at zoos, several zoos breed animals to make more babies, and, as a result, create more profit. When these babies grow up, though, they aren’t as popular. Zoos often trade, loan, or sell adult animals who aren’t making them as much money as when they were younger. Can you even imagine someone getting rid of you just because you weren’t a baby anymore? These sad, unwanted animals may end up in roadside zoos or traveling circuses. Others are simply bought to be killed. For example, when baby animals who were displayed in the Minnesota Zoo’s farm exhibit grew up and didn’t attract as many visitors, the zoo took them to livestock auctions, where many ended up being sent to slaughter. When people go to zoos they have no idea of these things.

Possibly the biggest lie that zoos tell people is that by visiting them, people will learn about wild animals. If zoos are teaching
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