The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has been a controversial topic in the science world for some time now. Major advancements have been made and predictions about what the future holds is being discussed (Quora). Scientists strive to make these machines more productive and intelligent, because they love watching their artificial intelligence improve, while others are not a fan of them whatsoever (Gaines-Ross). These people are skeptical of how these machines will be incorporated into our lives in the near future. Some worry that they will begin to take jobs away, while others adore the idea that automation will be implemented more within society (Kaplan 119). Currently, these machines are being programmed to occupy specific jobs in the workforce and will continue to be modified until they can take on more advanced occupancies in the future (Hayden). Within the next thirty years, artificial intelligence will slowly replace humans in many different aspects of the labor force, because most jobs are vulnerable to replacement through automation, or will be vulnerable to replacement soon. This will ultimately increase unemployment in the United States, leaving thousands of people without jobs.
With new advancements in artificial intelligence, the majority of jobs are susceptible to automation in the next couple decades (Kaplan 119). Programmers continue to attempt automating complex white-collar professions, such as ones in the fields of engineering, law, writing, and mathematics, but these
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