The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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In discussions of, Artificial Intelligence (AI), one controversial issue has been that AI will start creating their own language that we humans cannot understand. On the one hand, many people argue that AI is better because AIs are much better for the medical on certain procedures. On the other hand people also oppose with replacing humans with AI because the jobs in the medical will all be ran by AIs. Others even question what happens if an incident occurs during surgery that the AI doesn't read something right, what would happen the human. My own view is that technology is a bad thing because we need a human who can see a mistake that robots might not even be able to see. My definition for AI is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. This means the machines are made with human like intelligence. A problem with the use of AI is taking itself over and unprogramming its own system. Some AI has gotten so advanced that they start making their own language that only they can break down. Will Knights seems to agree in his article “Technology May Threaten Society” Will states, “If you have a very intelligent system it could unprogram itself. We have to be careful about getting into a situation where they take over against our will or with our blessing"(Knight). Basically Knight is saying artificial intelligence can be so smart that it will be unprogram itself and use its own code. Most
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