The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Surgeons. Lawyers. Cars. Economists. Artificial Intelligence is slowly making its way into our society. Watson, Sofia, possibly the first of many robots to walk among us, are posing serious ethical and logistical questions while also demonstrating societal benefits. Technology is advancing more and more everyday, moving so fast it is hard to keep up with. We, as humans, need to understand where we are and where we stand with technology, especially when it comes to technology as serious as Artificial Intelligence. Although some people believe that Artificial Intelligence could benefit humanity, government needs to develop strict regulations on how we develop, use, and implement it because Artificial Intelligence has high potential to replace and to endanger humans.
Artificial Intelligence came to be not too long after World War Ⅱ when John McCarthy coined the term at a summer conference in 1956. And by the end of the 50’s the concept of Artificial Intelligence was becoming very popular. Once gained interest, they needed to figure out how Artificial Intelligence would be determined, how they would know if the program was intelligent enough. So, the Turing test was created. It was a game where a human and a computer would both be trying to convince people that they were real humans, if the computer could do it it was considered intelligent. Many people who are working on Artificial Intelligence want to create something that can learn as a child would, how they learn more and
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