The Pros And Cons Of Assessment Psychology

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Assessment psychology This vastly researched and thriving subfield of psychology is concerned with basic methods used to identify similarities and differences among individual’s personal characteristics and capacities. Assessment involves more than mere administration of tests i.e.: collection and integration of information attained from various sources like interviews, behavioural observations, reports, psychological tests and historical documents in order to attain a complete picture of a person’s state. Brief history • This method can be dated as far back as 2200 BC when the Chinese emperor used it to determine an individual’s fitness for public office. • In the late 18th and 19th century, civil service tests were introduced in Europe. • In 1883, US government endorsed use of screening tests for applicants aiming to attain civil service jobs. Simultaneously, Sir Francis Galton works on genetic transmission of characteristics required development of a quantifying measure for his study i.e.: assessment…show more content…
Other challenges include determining best predictor and criterion variables like criterion for assessing job performance and what to include when providing an operational definition. Finding and opting for the right instruments is another dilemma as sometimes instruments selected were not developed for the purpose for which they are applied e.g: MMPI used as a personality test in IO settings is questioned as it was primarily developed to assess psychopathology. Even computerized tests currently in use also have their possible sets of pros and cons leading to unique demands that need to be
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