The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Reproduction Technology

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I am a Muslim woman with a Middle Eastern background. Both my parents were born and raised in Egypt. In the Middle East it is almost mandatory that a married couple conceives. Most Middle Eastern families enjoy the idea of creating a family for many reasons, most importantly to secure their future. The authors explain, “Infertile couples face not only emotional difficulties due to their inability to conceive, but also severe difficulties in achieving their social security, social power, and social perpetuity desires (inhorn, 1996)” (25). Therefore, if an Egyptian couple has difficulty conceiving they turn to ARTs. Without doubt the Islamic religion creates guidelines for Assisted Reproduction Technology, but the idea is not completely condemned within the rules of Islam. Most couples who have difficulty conceiving turn to ARTs within the guidelines of Islam.
ARTs is greatly excepted and practiced in the Islamic
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pGD may also be used in cases of “family balancing,” when couples have children of only one sex.
(8) Embryo research, for the advancement of scientific knowledge and the benefit of humanity, is allowed for fourteen days post-fertilization on surplus embryos that are donated for research with the informed consent of the couple. these research embryos should not be returned to the woman’s uterus.
(9) in the future, gene therapy may be approved, not to promote genetic advantage or privilege in offspring, but rather to remediate genetically or otherwise physically inherited genetic diseases and pathological conditions.
(10) in the future, uterine transplantation will be allowable as a remedy for women who are lacking a competent uterus. the transplanted uterus may be obtained from a postmenopausal donor or a woman of childbearing age who has completed her family”
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