The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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Controversial topics are something we are faced with every day. Everyone has their own opinion and views towards certain subjects. Some controversial topics can have more than two sides, not only whether you agree or disagree. There can be many different sides to one argument and some matter’s will never be settled with one agreement. For example, people may argue over whether or not schools should have online textbooks versus written textbooks. Also, schools may argue over whether students should be following a strict dress code or switching to uniforms all together. There are many controversial subjects brought up every day, some more serious than others, such as the topic on whether all states should legalize or prohibit assisted suicide. When we think of assisted suicide, we many times think of terminally ill patients or patients in deep amounts of pain. Assisted suicide is when a physician provides a patient with an incurable illness the means to commit a relatively painless suicide. In the article “Module 5: Physician Assisted Suicide Debate”, published by Endlink they stated that patients have been asking for physician assisted suicide or euthanasia to end the suffering since the beginning of common medicine. In fact, “57% of physicians practicing today have received a request for physician-assisted suicide in some form or another.” (Module 5: Physician Assisted Suicide Debate”. A webpage titled “Death with Dignity” was published by Death with Dignity
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