The Pros And Cons Of At-Risk Students

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As parents, educators or a member of the community, we have to get the youths to act and think in manner that results in academic success. Next, is to create conditions or circumstances that make success way of life for these youths,

In other words, children at risk should be encouraged or lead to develop new behaviour patterns that will lead them to success in school, and in their everyday lives. These at-risk youths should expect success, and they should get success.

Let us make our vulnerable or students-at risk believe that life is worth living, and their beliefs will create the fact. Society expects large numbers of at-risk students not to succeed. Some well-meaning teachers and parents confront the problems of these at-risk students with high resolve and have hopes for those students success Regrettably, it is generally anticipated these students are likely to become school dropouts, and not High School graduates,

The question arises as to how we look at a student who seems to have the signs of continued failure, such as poor grades, bad attitude, and lack of basic skills and expect him or her to be successful?

It would seem that some teachers gain positive control over their own attitudes towards at-risk students. Those teachers, who
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In general, students who work very hard are usually successful – they get satisfactory or good grades. The converse is true for the at-risk student who believes that the work is too hard and that he/she is a failure, anyway. Such self-defeating attitude is generally associated students at-risk and those considered to be learning disabled. Just as failure becomes a habit, so is success. In other words, success is auto-reinforcing. Once a student is successful at a task, he/she is motivated to try another task, and expects to be successful. To reverse the failure of the student at-risk, parents and teachers must endeavour to change their thoughts as well as their
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