The Pros And Cons Of Autonomous Drones

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In our ever aging society new ideas are being made each and every day. Autonomous drones are one of these relatively new ideas that could help or turn out to be disastrous. These drones are capable of sifting through hundreds of hours of video very quickly, or help our soldiers survive in the battlefield. This is of course in a perfect world. In the real world autonomous drones have to many unanswered questions. They aren’t held accountable under international law and they don’t have common sense like a soldier would on the battlefield. They could possibly start an unintentional war. They are too risky to be used in warfare and they are too unpredictable to be trusted with the lives of soldiers. This amount of risk has called for a lot of attention by human rights lawyers. In November of 2013 the Human Rights Watch issued a report calling for an absolute ban on the development, production and the use of autonomous weapons systems. That a drone with no human intervention cannot be held accountable under international law. Since this is the case they cannot be used in any circumstance. They said, “such revolutionary weapons would not be consistent with international humanitarian law and would increase the risk of death or injury to civilians during armed conflict” (Cohen).…show more content…
However, the pros outweigh the cons too much for the use of autonomous drones. There is to many what ifs surrounding them. What if they accidentally kill someone they weren’t supposed to. Or if they had a malfunction and started to friendly fire on American soldiers in the battlefield. What if they were hacked and were used in acts of terror. Any type of weaponry with that much firepower is going to be sought after everyone. That means people with the best intentions and people with the worst intensions. With as much good as autonomous drones are capable of doing, they could very well end up costing us

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