The Pros And Cons Of Being President

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There are many pros and cons to being president, some pros are near limitless power, and are paid $400,000 per year in office, with an extra $50,000 provided for personal expenses. In addition, the commander in chief has his own dedicated medical staff, the use of Air Force One that has 4,000 square feet of floor space and sophisticated equipment necessary to serve as a command center. Since it can refuel midair, it can remain airborne as long as needed. Marine One, that can cruise at more than 150 mph and can operate if one of its engines fails. Marine One is armed with anti-missile systems and ballistic armor. The White House and the presidential limousine also known as “The Beast” which President Obama described as “a Caddy, basically on a tank…show more content…
Next there is the pressure of having to participate in televised presidential election debates. Those must be terrifying especially when they can’t afford to flub or make a verbal gaffe, especially not in the Internet era. Meanwhile their political opponents are earnestly hoping, waiting for them to commit some blunder or gaffe they can pounce on and getting blamed for numerous problems that aren't their fault while their own political supporters criticize them for not being conservative or liberal enough, depending on their political affiliation. At any given moment, there are numerous agendas and causes trying to get their attention while having to retain an insane amount of information and knowledge in their head at all times. No matter their political affiliation, there are tens of millions of Americans who despise them. No doubt at least thirty percent of the nation stands opposed to you and your policies at any given time and depending on circumstances, it may rise to as high of between forty percent and sixty
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