The Pros And Cons Of Biomimetics

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Iara Lema
Ms. McIntosh
Science 7B
December 12, 2017

Biomimetic or Biomimicry: Nature's responses to human problems

Many different species have had to adapt to the most adverse conditions of nature, whose solutions have been the product of biological evolution. Today our civilization faces many problems that need sustainable solutions, as science shows us, they can be inspired by the wisdom of nature. So, instead of racking our brains thinking about creative ways to solve them, we should find solutions in understanding how nature has solved those same problems along the years (PMC).
There is a science called biomimetic or biomimicry that works this way. Here we have a clear explanation of what it is:
“Biomimetics is the study of nature and
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The U.S. Navy has promoted work to develop similar critter-repellent coatings (Live Science).
It has also been shown that swimsuits for professional swimmers like Michael Phelps, inspired by shark skin, make movement easier in the water. Therefore, they contribute to the speed of the athlete (Live Science).

2. Flesh-grabbing worms: A new technique for attaching skin grafts transplants used to treat wounds or burns, is inspired from a parasitic worm. Once this thorny-headed worm is inside the skin, it inflates its head like a cactus inside the tissue to latch on (Live Science).
Similarly, the skin graft adhesive is made of a patch of tiny needles whose tips get bigger when exposed to water, keeping the graft in place. Researchers say that this material is three times as strong as surgical staples (Live
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It can be used for almost everything! Some examples are in the areas of medicine, architecture, engineering, transportation systems, everyday life, and, manufacturing. Biomimicry is the practice of designing products that stimulate or co-opt processes that occur in nature. It is an important tool that helps people in developing green processes with a modern approach to different problems based on the ancient practice of the imitation of nature. Biomimicry follows the principles of life, use free energy, accept diversity, and use life-friendly processes and, materials.
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