The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Introduction The death penalty is still a valid form of punishment in the United States and the debate of whether or not this is a just act has been of popular discussion. The controversy surrounding capital punishment and its morality has been an argument since the formation of the anti-death penalty movement. Many abolitionist argue the morality and constitutionality argument of capital punishment stating that “it [is] morally wrong, and even unconstitutional (Sween).” This is because anti-death penalty organizations like ones in Maryland claim that not only is it unjust to kill a person, but that “capital sentencing… is prone to racial bias and fails to deter crime (McLaughlin).” In addition, the death penalty could be construed as cruel and unusual punishment and would be therefore unconstitutional. While people who are pro death penalty argue that a twisted form of justice should be served. Although the abolitionist movement has been around for centuries, little headway has been made in the name of ending capital punishment in America. That is until the argument of economics within the death penalty was popularized in the nineties (McLaughlin). This argument of finances is structured around the inefficiencies of the economics of administering the death penalty along with the process of the death penalty. In addition, there are many flaws within the system of capital punishment. “Columbia University published a report on capital punishment in 2000, which found that 68%

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